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We offer Recording & Music Production services at our Soul Wave & SonicShape music studio locations around Vancouver, BC. Our professional music industry experts operate and engineer high-end studio equipment signal chains at rates that are reasonable and provide great value for new and upcoming artists. Our studios are well-treated and maintained, and exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We guide you through every step of the music making process, stimulating significant growth in your skills and presentation as an artist. During our studio sessions, we help direct your musical performance and make sure you learn something new from every session.

Soul Awareness

Music Production

We are all born with spiritual amnesia lacking initial clarity about our true divine purpose. Music is a self-expressive art form that helps us connect with our higher selves. To stay in alignment with our soul, it helps to embrace spiritual practises and principles like soul consciousness, mindfulness, zen-style meditation, and languages like astrology and numerology help catalyze powerful self-growth and transformation. As a music artist, we fuel and inspire much of our deepest creativity from our inner world and consciousness. Essentially, what's happening on the inside need to be in alignment before we can genuinely and efficiently manifest the same in the external.

Over the last decade, we have made many great industry connections all over British Columbia, Canada and some international as well. The relationships we've established with various studio artists often gradually progress into us supporting them in their live stage performance and live band musical direction as well. Check out some of the studio artists we've worked with in the studio and live under "Artist Portfolio". 

At our music studios, we also teach Pop & RCM Piano, Keyboarding, Music Production, Composition and Theory lessons online or in-person.

Artist Development
photo of black and brown cassette tape
photo of black and brown cassette tape

Soul Wave Studios has transformed my music and helped me grow as an artist. Highly recommended!


several guitars beside of side table
several guitars beside of side table

The team at Soul Wave Studios is incredibly talented and supportive. They have taken my music to the next level!

purple vinyl record on black and white table
purple vinyl record on black and white table

I am grateful for the guidance and inspiration I have received at Soul Wave Studios. It has been a transformative experience!